Episode 8 – Italian-American Authors and their Books

In this episode, we talk with 4 Italian-American authors who have written books on being Italian-American and what it means. Guests: Robert Lombardo, Maria Ianotta, Bill Dal Cerro, Kathy Catrambone Recorded: June 29, 2015 Running Time: 42:24

Episode 7 – Italo Balbo

In this episode, we’ll be discussing the history of Italo Balbo and his famous flight from Rome to Chicago in 1933 at the World’s Fair with experts and witnesses. Guests: Don Fiore, Bill Dal Cerro, Walter Santi, Dominic Candeloro Recorded: May 13, 2015 Running Time: 47:35

Episode 6 – First Impressions; Traveling to Italy

In this episode, we hear about the experiences of Italian Americans on their first trip to Italy. Guests: Melissa Spilotro, Dino DeVivo, Lewis Calabrese, Bill Dal Cerro, Dennis La Montagna, Joe La Montagna Recorded: April 14, 2015 Running Time: 43:19

Episode 2 – The Italic Institute of America

In this episode, we’ll be discussing the Italic Institute of America and how it affects Italian-American citizens around the US. Guest:  Bill Dal Cerro, President of the Italic Institute of America Recorded: March 27, 2014 Running Time: 32:49

Episode 1 – The State of Italian America

In this episode, we’ll be discussing the state of Italian America and why we need an Italian American studies program at Loyola University in Chicago. Guests: Dominic Candeloro, Chris Caliendo, Bill Dal Cerro Recorded: November 30, 2013 Running Time: 34:22